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Throughout the history of Bohemian Gingerbread, gingerbread pieces have been popularly used as a fabulous decoration throughout many seasons and holidays, but especially during Christmas. Since this season is well upon us, there is no better time to see what kind of Gingerbread decor you can use to embellish and emphasize the beautiful snowy days. It's time for all of your festivities to be illuminated throughout exquisite gingerbread pieces. There is nothing better than taking to the classic ways of such an incredible and important holiday. That's also not to mention that gingerbread Christmas decor will last for plenty of years, without deteriorating or noticeable changes. It's a fabulous and frugal way to decorate for the season, that will also bring plenty more to the appearance of your home.

Decorate The Tree

With the various kinds of ornaments available, it is easy to forget what the traditional Christmas tree once was. However, adding AKK Unique Gifts gingerbread Christmas decor to your tree will immediately spark that classic appearance right back into the festivities of your home. You can add gingerbread stars to your tree that will illuminate the sparkle and shine provided from the lights, and you can hang all different sizes and shapes, such as snowmen, bells and snowflakes into your Christmas decor on your tree as well. The options are endless, and your tree will be personalized with your choices of gingerbread ornaments.

Add Festivities To Your Tables

Not only can gingerbread Christmas decor be hung around your home and on your tree, but it can also be placed on tables, shelves and ledges. Every nook and cranny of your home can be filled with the original, yet traditional appearance of Christmas. Wreaths with gingerbread can be placed in your home entrance, snowmen can line the chimney mantel and other Christmas motif, such as bells and slippers can be placed in various places around your home.

Winterize Your Windows

One of the most traditional uses of gingerbread throughout the Christmas season was to decorate the windows.  Gingerbread stars, rocking horses, trees and plenty of others are the perfect accent to add some winter and snowy inspiration to your window sills. The white icing on the gingerbread adds a frosted appearance to your window Christmas decor. In addition, other accents such as silver balls, red ribbon and snowflakes can be added into your gingerbread decor to emphasize so many more elements of the snow filled season.


Despite what the modern days may illuminate, the Christmas season is not only about presents and Santa Claus. In fact, Christmas is all about the history that this holiday comes from, and utilizing gingerbread decorations only emphasizes the concept of what the special days ahead of us truly means. Gingerbread Christmas decor comes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and themes which makes it perfect to use when decorating your entire household. You can have bells and angels, snowflakes and stars, sledge and snowmen, center pieces and candle holders and anything else that you could possibly dream of, to fill your home with some festival elements.  So please your eyes and heart and add some beautiful smell of honey and spices to your home, frosting and flakes to your Christmas decor with the traditional use of gingerbread.


Written by Anna Kalgard — October 15, 2013


Lori Erickson:

If you are looking for a unique and beautiful gift, whether for the holidays, or any other occasion, I would highly recommend something from AKK Unique Gifts! The quality of the workmanship, the long list of choices, and the personal touch has made the gift I purchased one that I am very excited to give.

December 06 2013

Anna Kalgard:

Thank you, Lori. It’s because I do everything with love.

December 13 2013


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